About Us


CAKE 的創新靈感源於生活,它的創意來源於文化,而且最重要的是,它的創意源於您。我們將嘻哈文化元素與品牌的獨特街頭精神融為一體,並將設計師在洛杉磯成長的經歷,與他對社會行為和消費主義的深思,融入到品牌中,為CAKE賦予更豐富的文化內涵。


自2017年起,我們更曾邀請全美知名饒舌團體MIGOS的OFFSET、Richthekid和Famous Dex擔任模特,將CAKE推向全球。此外,我們的創新設計甚至引起了美國話題女王"Kylie Jenner"的注意,並登上了"MTV" 和"Teen Vogue"的頭條新聞。 CAKE始於犀利的設計視角,給街頭風格帶來全新的詮釋,我們期待你與我們一起,開啟一場視覺與風格的饗宴。



CAKE is a fashion brand committed to a minimalist street style, deeply integrating elements of hip-hop culture, music, and film. Here, our simple yet striking designs accommodate any style pairing, persisting as timeless classics amidst the ebb and flow of fashion trends. At CAKE, we believe that everyone's style is unparalleled, and we provide endless possibilities for these unique styles through diverse elements and details.

The innovative inspiration behind CAKE stems from life, its creativity emanates from culture, and most importantly, it originates from you. We combine elements of hip-hop culture with the brand's distinctive street spirit, infusing the designer's experiences growing up in Los Angeles and his thoughtful insights on social behavior and consumerism into the brand, enriching CAKE with deeper cultural connotations.

Our designs, with simple lines and smooth tailoring, present visually stunning works. Whether it's our hand-embroidered T-shirts and hoodies that exude our brand's signature style, or our loose jackets, jeans, and accessories, we express ourselves through CAKE's unique design language, showcasing the high-street style.

Since 2017, we've even invited members from the renowned American rap group MIGOS, OFFSET, Richthekid, and Famous Dex to serve as models, pushing CAKE onto the global stage. Moreover, our innovative designs even caught the attention of American pop culture queen Kylie Jenner, making headlines on MTV and Teen Vogue. CAKE starts with a sharp design perspective, offering a fresh interpretation of street style. We look forward to inviting you to join us on this feast of visuals and style.